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Boys Basketball Results:
8th Grade Green Team
The 8th grade green team lost to Liberty Hill last night in a hard fought close game, with our best teamwork of the year.  The dogs led for the majority of the game with numerous players scoring.  However, a couple of late turnovers gave the panthers the victory.  I am proud of the teamwork and unselfish play that was shown in this game and we look to continue to improve as we head into the new year.

Burnet  32
Liberty Hill  37

Jud Roy  8
Bryan Shackleford  6
Bryan Grady  4
Zach Ferguson  4
Ryan Jackson  4
Eric Paye  2
Luke Aguillon  2
Cooper Cook  2

​Submitted by Coach Keele

8th Grade White Team
The Burnet 8th Grade White Team traveled to Liberty Hill to take on the Panthers.  This was a very competitive game from start to finish and it came down to the very last second of the game on a missed shot by Liberty Hill to give the Bulldogs the 23-22 victory.  Except for a few slip ups the boys played very well on the defensive end of the court the entire game.  On the offensive end of the court we played well but missed several second chance points off of offensive rebounds.  I am extremely proud of how hard the boys competed for the entire game and if we can figure out how to put everything together they will finish the second half of the season stronger than what they started.  This victory puts their record at 4-1 for the year.

Burnet  23
Liberty Hill  22

Wyatt Young  7
Zach Shaw  7
Corbin Sanders  2
Roger Craig  2
Cason Barrow  2
Jon Vanwaganen  1

Submitted by Coach Couch

Wednesday's C-Team game was, as said by a fan "a nail biter". The teams were evenly matched and it was a great contest. All the players gave great effort. The kids have made huge improvements since the first day of practice and we are all excited about the rest of the season. Our next game is Wednesday the 17th please come out and support these young men. ​

White Team:
Shaw  2
Yanez  4
Noland  4
Meredith  14
McMeans  4

Green Team:
Arbough  6
Poncik  6
Goodwin  2
Ramirez  2
Hart  4
Jackson  2

Submitted by Coach Jones

7th Grade Green Team
The 7th Green team faced a good team from Liberty Hill Monday night that stopped the dogs win streak at 2.  The dogs played hard but could never seem to slow down the Panthers offense.  The dogs look to get back on the winning side after the Christmas break.

Burnet  17
Liberty Hill  63

Blake Burkhalter  8
Garrett Johnson  5
Hunter King  2
Conner Lyle  1
Braden McPherson  1

Submitted by Coach Keele

​7th Grade White Team

Burnet  12
Liberty Hill  55

Hayden Tucker  2
Cole Shouldis  2
Sam Grant  1
Jacob Robinette  1
Eddy Parker  1
Hunter Hale  3
Kolbie Stephens  2

7th grade white team suffered a tough loss last night. We struggled with breaking the Panther press. The Bulldogs played well as a team showing signs of improvement and maturity while responding to adversity. As the game progressed our boys started to click and break the press but unfortunately could not put many points on the board. I am extremely proud of our young men and they are very deserving of the upcoming break. Our next game is on January 8th at Salado. 

Submitted by Coach Jones

The 7th grade C teams had their first game of the year and it turned out to be a very competitive game all the way to the end.  The boys came out very excited for their first basketball contest and I was very proud of how hard all of the boys played.  The boys have constantly showed signs of improvement with each week of practice and hopefully they will continue to grow as the season progresses.  Their next game will be next Wednesday at 5:00 and if you have the chance, please try to come support them.

Green Team  11
White Team   13

Green Team:
Jose Gutierrez  5
Tanner Baker  2
Ryan Suter  2
Andrue Gonzalez  2
Dylan payne
Coy Gideon
Jordan Smith
Conner Kolb

Miguel Jaramillo  6
Eddie Gramlich  2
Hayden Clugh  2
Marcus Reyes  2
Alden Littlefield  1
Lorenzo Solis
Caleb Chambers

Submitted by Coach Couch

Girls Basketball Results:
What a first quarter the Lady Dawgs had vs Liberty Hill Monday night.  The girls played the best quarter I have ever seen.   A 15-1 score after one quarter was amazing. Tryandee Greenwell had 2 made baskets, Emma Lewis had 5 points, including a 3 point shot. Aubrey Losey had 3 points with a made free throw and Hattie Blair had a three point shot.  All that was in the first quarter.  The girls played hard all night in this battle of two undefeated district teams. The lady Dawgs held on to win by a final score of 32-22.  The girls are a perfect 7-0 and have a one game lead in the district race.  
Burnet Win 32-22 record 7-0
B. Weller 1pt
S. Robion 
T. Greenwell 8pt
D. Romero 4 pt
K Fipps 3pt
E Lewis 6pt
A Losey 5pt
H Blair 3pt
D Hurst 2pt

Submitted by Coach Beckwith

The 8B Lady Dawgs had an intense game last night when they hosted the Liberty Hill Lady Panthers. The team had lost to Liberty Hill by one point in our tournament, so we were ready to get it back from them this time!  The girls started on fire with an aggressive full court press and numerous steals and at the end of the first quarter we were up 8-2!  Then the Lady Dawgs suffered from missed shots and turnovers and allowed Liberty Hill to get back in the game.  The second half was neck in neck with Liberty Hill.  We were still up one point by the end of the 3rd quarter.  The Lady Dawgs were not ready to let this one go, so they worked as a team, passed it around to get good shots, but the Lady Panthers were right on our heels.  By the end of regulation we were tied.  Therefore, we had to go into overtime!  The Lady Dawgs pounced on Liberty Hill right at the beginning. Then with a one point lead with 2 seconds left, Paige Bridgeman was fouled.  She went up to the line and made one of her free throws.  Liberty Hill threw the ball in and didn’t have time to get the ball down the floor and the Lady Dawgs came away with a very hard fought win!!  I’m so proud of the team effort and how hard the girls worked, even under immense pressure.  The 8B Lady Dawgs are now in first place in district!  We will take the Christmas break off and be back in action on January 8th, 2015, when we host the Lady Eagles from Salado. 
Box Score 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr OT Final
Burnet 8 2 5 4 4 23
Llano 2 7 4 6 2 21
District Record 4-0
Burnet Scoring:
Giselle Valdez-Martinez-6
Lucia Ortiz-5
Kara Ward - 4
Paige Bridgeman – 4
Makenna Delill –2
Heather Hahn-2

Submitted by Coach Hurst


This past Wednesday, the 8th grade girls’ basketball Spirit and Pride teams played their first inner-squad game of the season. The girls were ready to play and show off their improved skills from last year.  The first half both teams played hard and traded leads until Pride made a few crucial points towards the end of halftime to take the lead 12 to 8.  Spirit made a comeback at the beginning of the second half behind a few baskets from Brandi Perry.  However, Pride made several steals and shot the ball better in the second half. Allyson Spreen and Breana Kunkle made numerous shots to hold off the comeback from Spirit to win the game 28-16.  Both teams played very well and hustled after every ball.  The coaches are very proud of the effort the girls put in and we look forward to watching them improve throughout the season.  Their next game will be January 7th, 2015.

Box Score 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Spirit 8 8 16
Pride 12 16 28
Spirit Scoring:                                  Pride Scoring:
Brandi Perry-6                                  Breana Kunkle-10
Madison Slocum-4                          Allyson Spreen-8
Cheyenne Sharp-4                           Fatima Rodriguea-4
Katelyn LaJoie-2                              Karen Palacios-4
                                                            Madison Glaspy-2
Spirit                                                  Pride
Ashley Branson                                Jessica West
Madison Slocum                              Allyson Spreen
Chloe Sanders                                  Breana Kunkle
Cheyenne Sharp                               Fatima Rodriguez
Katelyn LaJoie                                  Karen Palacios
Brandi Perry                                      Madison Glaspy
Allie Richardson                               Mikayla Whitus

Submitted by Coach Hurst


Vs. Liberty Hill
Last night the ladies hosted Liberty Hill.  After digging ourselves a big 12-0 Hole to start the game the girls finally woke up and really played hard.  They fought hard and really stepped up on the defensive side of the ball and after giving up 12 points in the first 3 minutes of the game allowed only 3 the rest of the qtr.  As we started the 2nd qtr the girls came out with a lot of fire and really shut down the Liberty Hills offense.  We still struggled at times at the offensive end of the floor, but we were able to stay in the game because of the hard work on the defensive end of the floor.  The girls went into halftime down 9, but we really felt good about how we played the first half.  Then we came out the 3rd Qtr and played our best Qtr of the year!  We played the best defense we have played the entire year!  The Lady Dawgs held Liberty Hill to just 1 point and were able to pull back within 2 points by the end of the 3rd Qtr.  The momentum continued into the 4th and the girls were able to grab the lead with 4 minutes left, but after a few turnovers and some Liberty Hill made free throws the Lady Dawgs came up just short with a 36-28 loss to a very good team from Liberty Hill.  We now start getting ready for the 2nd half of district . With only 1 loss in district the girls will still be fighting for a district championship.  I am very proud of how hard the girls have been working and the improvements they have made! 
Box Score:              1st Qtr       2nd Qtr       3rd Qtr       4th Qtr       Final
Burnet                          5                 5                8                   10              28
Liberty Hill                  15               4                 1                   16             36
Amilee Shackelford-3
Katie Faris- 3
Greysen Lenz-9
Tatum Davis-1
Shelby Ford-1
Kendal Connolly-1
Reyvan Greenhaw-8
Melissa Perez- 1
Kya Martinez-1
District Record: 3-1

Submitted by Coach Hafley

vs. Liberty Hill
Last night, the 7B Lady Dawgs hosted the Liberty Hill Lady Panthers. Before the game even started, the Lady Dawgs already faced a big challenge missing two players out sick. The game started out close with well played defense from both teams, ending the quarter with a score of 3-4 with Liberty Hill up. The Lady Dawgs struggled on both ends of the court in the second quarter. We got into foul trouble causing the double bonus and Liberty Hill took advantage making 11 of 16 free throws. We got down and couldn’t regain momentum.  The Lady Panthers got many fast break opportunities and the Lady Dawgs were just not able to get down the floor to take away the easy lay-ups. The Lady Panthers were able to score 11 points compared to the Lady Dawgs 1 point in the second. The second half continued to be a struggle for the Lady Dawgs with Liberty Hill scoring a combined 16 points and the Lady Dawgs scoring only 8, leaving the final score at 12-34. This was a tough loss, but we will get to work right after the break to prepare for Salado the week we return from the break!
Box Score 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Final
Burnet 3 1 4 4 12
Liberty Hill 4 14 8 8 34
Individual Scoring:
Lexi Courtney - 4 points
Courtney Quintero - 2 points
Emmerson Walker - 4 points
Emma Nisely - 2 points
Jazlyn Marvin - 2 points
District Record: 3-1
Next game: The girls will host Salado on Thursday, January 8th

Submitted by Coach Syphrett

This past Wednesday, the 7th grade girls’ basketball Spirit and Pride teams played their first inner-squad game of the season. Both teams were excited to finally play a game.  They both jumped out with a 2-2 tie in the first few minutes and really started picking up the flow of the game.  Spirit then took an 8-4 lead going into halftime.  Pride tried to hold Spirit off, but Alison Frost and Mikayla Wilson made several baskets in the second half to seal the win, 24-10.  It was great watching the girls put their newly learned skills to practice and really begin to understand the game of basketball.  I’m very proud of how both teams played and look forward to watching the girls grow throughout the season.  Their next game will be January 7th, 2015.

Box Score 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Spirit 8 16 24
Pride 4 6 10
Spirit Scoring:                                  Pride Scoring:
Alison Frost-8                                   Brianna Kelley-2
Mikayla Wilson-6                             Ckyah Key-2
Baylea Breeden-2                            Bailey Floyd-2
Aidan Trulove-2                               Giselle Ramirez-2
Noelia Flores-2                                Yaire Silva-Presas-2
Brooke Pulliam-2
Madelyn Howard-2
Spirit                                                  Pride
Alexander, Angela Barrios, Anna
Kafel, Serafin Kelley, Brianna
Bartlett, Shayna Key, Ckyah
Breeden, Baylea Campuzano, Andrea
Trulove, Aidan Lopez, Emily
Lott, Sarah Dumpert, Montana
Lynch, Morgan Motteler, Mekaila
Flores, Noelia Floyd, Bailey
Pulliam, Brooke Ramirez, Giselle
Freitag, Hannah Serrano, Mary
Frost, Alison Silva-Presas, Yaire
Gutierrez, Brenda Holt, Jessica
Howard, Madelyn Suarez, Mariela
Jolly, Madison Dunahoo, Meredith
Wilson, Mikayla Leon, Neeradt

Submitted by Coach Hurst

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