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Principal: Kevin Jones
School Hours: 7:45 - 3:30 p.m.

What's New at Burnet Middle School
School Picture Retakes
Picture retakes are scheduled for Friday, October 10.  Payment is required at this time to purchase a package.  If you need an order form, please go by the front office.
Cross Country Results
This past Saturday, September 27th, the Burnet Middle School Cross Country team traveled to Fredericksburg for the Fredericksburg Invitational. This hilly two mile course was a tough one with many rocky obstacles and even some hornet nests! Even with a few bee stings, the runners ran a very hard race. Running best for the girls was 8th grader Emma Lewis with a personal best time of 13:07 and a 9th place finish out of 73 runners. 8th grader Trenton Hughes ran best for the 8th grade boys with a time of 12:54 and a 23rd place finish out of 42 runners. Ross Giesenschlag was right behind him with a time of 12:57 and a 25th place finish. Running best for the 7th grade girls was Neeradt Leon with a time of 16:33 and a 16th place finish out of 67 runners. Running best for the 7th grade boys was Bryan Silva with a time of 14:44 and a 16th place finish out of 66 runners. Next up, the Bullpups will head to the McNeal Invitational this Saturday at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. Go Running Dawgs!
7th Grade Girls Results (6th out of 7 teams)
Neeradt Leon 16:33 (16th out of 67 runner)
Jazlyn Marvin 16:36 (19th place)
Kelly Paik 17:15 (34th place)
Alison Frost 19:49 (55th place)
Sarah Lott 22:53 (64th place)
7th Grade Boys Results (5th out of 8 teams)
Bryan Silva 14:44 (16th out of 66 runners)
Eddie Parker 14:58 (21st place)
Clayton Atkison 15:28 (28th place)
Jacob Robinett 15:29 (29th place)
Cole Shouldis 17:26 (47th place)
Zarious Skelton 17:26 (48th place)
8th Grade Girls Results
Emma Lewis 13:07 (9th out of 72 runners)
Kara Ward 14:19 (25th place)
Fatima Rodriguez 14:28 (26th place)
8th Grade Boys Results
Trenton Hughes 12:54 (23rd out of 42 runners)
Ross Giesenschlag 12:57 (25th place)
Eddie Shaw 14:46 (36th place)
Jon VanWagenen 14:48 (38th place)

Submitted by Coach Shannon
Volleyball Results
Vs Liberty Hill
Last night the 7th A girls hosted Liberty Hill.  The girls had a bit of a tough night last night against a very good Liberty Hill team.  We had some trouble with serves throughout and in the end that would be enough to keep us from getting a victory.  We had flashes of great play  that helped us go on a run and pull close but in the end it was just not enough to get the win.  The girls will keep working hard every day and get better so the next time they face Liberty Hill they will bring home the victory! I am very proud of the girls not giving up and really fighting till the last point. 
Burnet     Liberty Hill
   15                   25
   20                   25
Next Game: 10/6/14  vs. Lampasas(Home)
District Record: 3-1

7th A Competed this weekend in our tournament.  We came out on fire and really dominated against the 1st  two opponents of Llano and Liberty Hill.  With great serving we were able to really control the tempo and easily get wins.  Then as the day went on we seemed to lose a little bit of the fire and was just unable to get over the hump against Marble Falls.  At the end of the day the girls still played very well and was able to come away with 2nd Place. 
Burnet    Llano
   25              9
   25              7
Burnet      Liberty Hill
    25                    17
    25                    16
Burnet     Marble Falls
   20                  25
   22                  25
Burnet          Marble Falls (Championship Game)
    13                      25
   18                      25

Submitted by Coach Hafley

The 7B girls’ volleyball team hosted the Liberty Hill Lady Panthers last night! The Lady Dawgs had just faced the Lady Panthers in the Burnet Volleyball tournament this past weekend and came up just short of a win. But last night was different! The Lady Dawgs had a fight in them like I had never seen! EVERY point was fought hard for and it paid off. I am beyond excited to announce that the Lady Dawgs conquered the Lady Panthers in two sets!!
The girls got serves over like never before. In the first set, Jessenia Garcia, Leah Ng, Kendal Connolly and Stephany Garcia were standout servers. Jessie Barnard and Taylor Mullins were fantastic at breaking serves and being aggressive at the net! Jessie and Taylor made crucial, split second decisions at the net that saved our team from losing many points. Kendal had 2 kills from the back row. The Lady Dawgs were hustling after every ball and quickly corrected mistakes which showed in the final score of 26-24!!!
In the second set, the Lady Panthers took a slight lead, but Emma Nisely stepped up to the challenge as she served like never before with 4 incredible serves. Other strong servers were Elizabeth Nash and Marissa Miller. Kendal and Marissa had a couple of strong back row hits thanks to some fabulous sets from Leah Ng and passes from all teammates. Caitlyn Graves played such a vital role as our Libero. She worked hard every play to keep the ball up and made awesome passes to her teammates! The girls came up victorious in the end with a final score of 25-19!!!
These girls are improving so much every single day! I commend them for putting their whole heart into volleyball and being so incredibly coachable! It is always fun to take on our rivals, Liberty Hill, but even sweeter when we send them home with a loss!
Way to go Lady Dawgs!!!
Burnet                Liberty Hill
26                           24
25                           19
Next Game: 10/6/14  vs. Lampasas(Home)
District Record: 3-1

The 7B Lady Dawgs hosted the Burnet Middle School Volleyball Tournament this weekend.  The girls were excited and ready to participate in their first tournament.  The first game the Lady Dawgs took on the Lady Daubers from Llano.  The girls came out strong with 7 straight points from Jessenia Garcia.  It was very hard for the Lady Daubers to fight back.  After a complete rotation, Jessenia sealed the win with 10 more serves!! Some of those serves were played back to the Lady Dawgs, but with great defense and smart passes the girls were able to keep the points flowing.  The second round, Lady Dawgs took on the Liberty Hill Panthers.  The girls came up short in the first game, but played really well and were aggressive all over the court.  In the second set, the Lady Dawgs played the best game so far this season. They rallied for every point! Jessenia Garcia and Marissa Miller were on fire with great serves and Leah Ng and Kendall Connolly were leading the team with fantastic setting!  Stephanie Garcia was amazing and made two kills from the back row and Jessie Barnard was battling for us at the net! The girls fought hard the second game as well, but fell short again.  The third game of pool play, the Lady Dawgs took on the Lady Mustangs from Marble Falls.  We were able to take a quick lead due to missed serves from Marble Falls.  Jessenia Garcia and Elizabeth Nash were getting some strong serves over and racking up the points! With great passes from our Libero, Caitlyn Graves, and Taylor Mullins the Lady Dawgs were unstoppable. In the second game, the Lady Mustangs were getting their serves over and the Lady Dawgs lost some momentum.  We fell behind early in this game because of missed serves and not hustling after the ball and not making good passes. That loss put us out of the Championship game and fighting for 3rd place against Llano again.  In the final game, we got off to a slow start, but Marissa Miller got us going with 5 straight unanswered serves. Then, Elizabeth Nash helped us hold our big lead with 10 awesome serves!! Llano could not get the ball back over the net and fell behind 25-10. In the second game, we struggled getting serves over and had many bad passes into the net and out of bounds. We fell short at 22-25 which made us have to play a third set. The Lady Dawgs didn’t hold anything back and it was a cousin effort as Jessenia Garcia and Stephanie Garcia had 10 service points EACH!!! Stephanie had not gotten to serve much in previous games, but her hard work really showed off as she ended the game with 10 aces!
I am very proud of our Lady Dawgs and how they represented Burnet Middle School well!!!
Burnet                 Llano
25                          7
25                          23
Burnet                 Liberty Hill
15                          25
19                          25
Burnet                 Marble Falls
25                          21
7                            25
Burnet                 Llano
25                          10
22                          25
25                          13

Submitted by Coach Syphrett
The 7th grade girls’ volleyball Spirit and Pride teams played their first inner-squad games of the season. All the girls were ready to play and pumped up for their first game!  The Pride jumped out to an early lead by awesome serving behind Kya Martinez, who served 9 straight serves and Leslie Rodriguez, who served 4 unanswered points.  The Spirit tried to make a comeback behind solid serves from Tatum Davis and great net play from Melissa Perez, but in the end they lost the first game.  The second game was much closer, Spirit jumped out to an early lead behind serves from Shayna Bartlett and Baylea Breeden.  Pride recovered behind great passing from Stacy Schlosser and Jolie Walker and they were able to pull away for their first win.  It was great to see the improvement from these ladies, since our first practice.  I look forward to seeing the growth continue throughout the season!
Spirit                                                              Pride
15                                                                   25
18                                                                   25
Spirit                                                              Pride
Anna Barrios                                                Meridith Dunahoo
Shayna Bartlett                                           Kaila Gonzalez
Crystal Beam                                               Alli Hawkins
Baylea Breeden                                          Monica Hernandez
Taryn Briggs                                                 Kya Martinez
Tatum Davis                                                Kathryn Perkins
Montana Dumpert                                     Lesli Rodriguez
Isabella Dunegan                                       Stacy Schlosser
Carrie Guthrie                                             Mary Serrano
Audrey Miller                                              Aidan Trulove
Mekaila Mottleier                                     Jolie Walker
Melissa Perez                                              Rebekah Weir
Yamile Ramirez                                          Juleya Crawford

Submitted by Coach Hurst

Vs. Liberty Hill
Last night the girls hosted Liberty Hill to finish up the 1st half of the season.  With a bit of a slow start the girls really fought hard throughout the match!  Even in the first game with the score not being as close as the 2nd the girls fought hard and made Liberty Hill work for every point!  We really did some things really well!  We had very good play at the net from several girls and also had some very good digs against Liberty Hills attack!  These girls are on the verge of turning the corner and getting some big wins in the future!  I am very proud of how the girls played last night and really look forward to the next match against Lampasas! 
Burnet          Liberty Hill
   13                     25
   21                     25
Next Game: 10/6/14  vs. Lampasas(Home)
District Record: 2-2

8th A competed Saturday in our tournament and I really felt like the girls played some very good volleyball!  Even though the win column didn’t show it I really felt like we competed very well against very strong competition!  We showed a lot of heart throughout the day and really competed against every team we faced!   We were just unable to turn the corner and get the wins we needed and worked so hard to get.  Overall I am very proud of the way this team continues to  improve and grow! 
Burnet    Llano
   25             23
   15             25
Burnet     Liberty Hill
   22                25
   22                25
Burnet     Marble Falls
   19                 25
   13                 25
Burnet         Llano   (3rd Place Game)
   25                  22
   16                  25
   21                  25

Submitted by Coach Hafley

The 8B Lady Dawgs hosted the Burnet Middle School Volleyball Tournament this weekend.  The girls were excited to participate in a tournament and were ready to take on their opponents!  The first game the Lady Dawgs took on the Lady Daubers from Llano.  The girls had several missed serves and mental mistakes that cost us our first loss of the season.  They were able to recover the second game and split the win with Llano.  The Lady Dawgs then took on the Liberty Hill Panthers.  The girls came up short in the first game, but played one of their best matches of the season.  Makenna Delill was on fire, with great serves and defense and Kaylie Russell was leading the team with fantastic setting!  The girls fought hard the second game as well, but fell short again.  The third game of pool play, the Lady Dawgs took on the Lady Mustangs from Marble Falls.  They were finally able to put a dominating game together, with hustle and playing as a team they easily beat Marble Falls in two games.  Stand outs in that game were Aubrey Losey, with 9 unanswered serves and Makenna Delill with 8 unanswered serves.  This great win put the Lady Dawgs in the championship against Liberty Hill!  The girls started off strong, Aubrey Losey dominated again with solid serving, Hattie Blair, Paige Bridgeman and Kathleen Fipps were aggressive at the net, but for the second time that day, they came up short in the first game.  The second game was a hard fought game, with great serves and hustle from the entire team.  Mackenzie Goertz and Makenna Delill had an awesome defensive game and the game went back and forth with Burnet and Liberty Hill trading leads.  In the end the Liberty Hill Lady Panthers pulled out the win and the Lady Dawgs earned a 2nd place finish for the tournament!  I’m extremely proud of how hard the girls fought in the tournament and they are ready to come back tonight and replay Liberty Hill and beat them this time!!  Please come out and support the Lady Dawgs tonight when they play Liberty Hill at 5pm here at BMS.
Burnet                 Llano
13                          25
25                          23
Burnet                 Liberty Hill
23                          22
20                          25
Burnet                 Marble Falls
25                          19
25                          11
Burnet                 Liberty Hill
21                          25
24                          26

Submitted by Coach Hurst

Wednesday afternoon the volleyball Spirit and Pride teams played their second game of the season.  In game 1, the Pride team took an early lead thanks to some great serves from Melissa Sprankle and Heather Hahn. Both teams were much more aggressive than last week and worked well together. Team Spirit struggled getting consistent serves over and they lost many points by making passes that went into the net. Team Spirit’s Harli Springer was impressive as she was hustling all over the court! Team Pride sealed the win after Jamie Edwards served 4 straight points with a score of 25-14.
Game two was a great battle and Team Spirit took the lead with some awesome serves from Madison Slocum, but Team Pride took over the lead quickly with help from Madison Glaspy, Allie Richardson and Heather Hahn who had a combined total of 15 unanswered serves. Both teams fought until the end of this one, but it was Team Pride that came out on top with a score of 25-21.
I would like to give a special “shout out” to a few Lady Dawgs that really improved this past week and gave 100%:
Kansas Haynes, Gisselle “GiGi” Valdez, Harli Springer and Autumn Pritchett.
I am very proud of all our Spirit and Pride teams! They are working hard every day!
Spirit                                               Pride
14                                                     25
21                                                     25

Submitted by Coach Syphrett

Football Results
On Thursday night the 8th Grade Bullpup Green and White Teams traveled to Marble falls to battle the Ponies.
The White team kicked off the night with a hard fought contest, and after trailing by two touchdown in the second half showed grit and determination to come back and tie the game 20-20.  The offense was led by the running of QB Zach Esposito.  Espo scored on a 3 yard run in the second quarter, and a 1 yard run in the third quarter.  Extra points were tallied by Esposito and Corbin Sanders, both on runs.  With the game in the balance in the fourth quarter, and the Pups trailing 20-14, the defense came up with a huge stop on fourth down to get the ball back and give the offense one more chance.  Reggie Hernandez and Esposito had a couple good runs to get their team in position to win the game with one minute remaining.  Facing 4th and 9, from the 15 yard line, Espo threw a ball the Ross Giesenschlag, who hauled in the pass over a defender to tie the game.  Espo gave great effort on the conversion tried but was stopped just short and the game ended 20-20.  The defense came up with timely stops all night, led by Jackson Williams, Triston Whitworth, and Corbin Sanders. 
The Green Team also played the ponies, and what would turn out to be a defensive battle all night saw the Pups fall 12-0.  The defense was led all night by Ryan Jackson, who forced a fumble and recovered it on the first play of the game.  Runs by Jordan Foster and great blocking by Zac Hudgins and the offensive line found the Pups deep in Pony territory at the 10 yard line.  The drive stalled there and the defense took the field again, and again Ryan Jackson hit the ball carrier and forced another turnover.  After going back and forth in the first half the Ponies held a 6-0 lead at halftime.  The second half was more of the same with Silver Hinson, Jackson, and Foster all pacing the offense, while Joseph Corona, Allan Mcmeans, and Zach Warden all contributed defensively.  The offense missed several opportunities to score, while the Ponies added one late for a final score of 12-0.
Both 8th grade teams will be in action again next Thursday night to take on the Liberty Hill Panthers.  The B team will kick off at 4:30 and the A team will begin at 6:00.

Submitted by Coach Rye

Bulldog White Team
In the first game of the evening the Burnet White team played a great game against the Ponies from Marble Falls. 
Bulldog offense was fueled by great quarterback play from Trey Grant connecting with receiver Kolebie Stephens.  Cameron Lawson scored the dogs’ only offensive touchdown with an impressive run with great play from the line-Ethan Blair, Liam Franco, William Johnson, Larry Amador and Caleb Chambers.
The defense had a great game tonight making several big plays behind the line of scrimmage. Defensive standouts of the evening came from outstanding play at the rover positions with Lorenzo Solis and Devin Rodes who had a fumble recovery.  
Special Teams:
On special teams the dogs first score of the night came with a heads up play from John “Darth” Yeater who returned a short punt for a 50 yard touchdown.
This was the second game of the season and the 7th White team is looking new and improved. Overall the White team played very solid offense and defense with few mistakes. The final score for the night was 12 – 8 with the dogs victorious. The next game is against the Liberty Hill Panthers in Liberty Hill, which begins at 4:30 P.M.

Bulldog Green Team
The second game of the night was a loss for the Bulldogs.  The Ponies won 18 – 14 in a tight, hard fought, down to the last minute game.
Quarterback duo Tyler Davis and Hunter King moved the ball well behind outstanding blocking who won the battle up front from – Jose Gutierrez, Conner Lyle, Hunter Hale, Conner Kolb, and Ethan Baladez. The dogs had a 42 yard touchdown run by Isaac Sanchez called back for offensive holding that would have tied the game at the half. The dogs kept fighting in the second half with runs by Sanchez for 35 yards which set up an 18 yard touchdown run by Hunter Shane who had a great night running the ball between the tackles. Also notable offensive play came from Blaine Burkhalter who had a tough catch and broke tackles for a first down keeping the drive alive.
The dogs’ defense had a great game overall. A few trick plays set up the Ponies for their scores making the difference in the game. Defensive standouts for the evening came from Blaine Burkhalter, Ethan Baladez, and Jaylen Laidler who all had plays behind the line of scrimmage.
The dogs show tremendous improvement from their previous game offensively and defensively. The dogs look to improve their play and get in the win column next week against the Liberty Hill Panthers at Liberty Hill. The game will begin after the White game is completed.    

Submitted by Coach Keele

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